Make it Yours, Make it Unique

I believe your home should be about you and your family. Make it yours and make it unique. Surround yourself with things you love, use and enjoy and forget the rest.

As the lady of the house, you set the tone and your family will gladly follow.Your home is the one place you can completely let your guard down and just be you. It is where you reach out to each other and where you recharge. I tell my children that their rooms are their oasis. A place where they can play, daydream and create or do nothing at all. Make your master bedroom your oasis.

Your home is where you create your memories with your friends and family. Every time you have friends over and you enjoy delicious food together, you laugh, sometimes cry, you bond… a powerful energy exchange occurs and you have just added another beautiful layer to your home. That is magic!


Katherine Disenhof