Beauty is Everywhere

I believe in the power of beauty at every level. Beauty has the power to change the world in the most profound way whether it is a smile to a stranger or a stunning painting or a unique piece of jewelry. I apply beauty to every aspect of my life that I can! Might as well make it all as much fun and easy on the eye as possible. It just makes life better. Beauty enhances the quality of your life... embrace it! 

When we lived through a huge renovation of our home and some of the plantings did not survive. We had always had hummingbirds on our property. “Mom I just saw a hummingbird and it was green and purple.” We would see them everyday. The children loved it and then one day they were gone. We all really missed them. So I did the research and planted some specific flowers that attract hummingbirds and I am happy to report they are back as a part of our lives. It is all those little things and what they mean to you that often end up playing a big role with your overall enjoyment of life.

Create the life you want and live it. As my dear friend, Chad who is from the South would say in her thick Southern drawl, “Jenny, the good life fairy is not going to come knocking on your door.” Amen.

Katherine Disenhof